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About Apella Nota

Established in 1998, “Apella Nota” Folk Music Productions is a non-profit company based in Greece and the USA. Its mission is to promote our Greek folk musical heritage and use all proceeds from its audio and multimedia productions to support philanthropic, cultural and educational causes.

Apella Nota grew out of our appreciation of the Greek Folk Music and, in particular, our interest in recording the folk music of our home island of Karpathos, Greece.

Karpathians are true descendants of Homer. Their social, spiritual and emotional existence is vividly expressed in their folk music, dance and poetry, all of which have remarkably withstood the test of time. Music and poetry identify the Karpathian soul, express its pathos and ethos, and forge an unbreakable bond with the motherland. They are a live tradition and an integral part of every day life.

We have, for several years now, been recording on location using minimalist stereo microphone techniques to capture and eventually circulate the sounds of folk musicians, as they perform during social gatherings such as weddings, baptisms, religious festivals and impromptu parties in coffee shops and private homes. It is on these occasions that musicians and singers can be captured at their best.

We have been collecting and archiving previously released, as well as unpublished, recordings of this genre from live events and studio productions. We intend to produce and distribute an anthology of this collection. Of particular historical and artistic interest are recordings that have captured brilliant performances by master folk musicians.

We are also actively collaborating with established, as well as young and upcoming, folk artists to produce new compilations of music and poetry. Such efforts, we hope, will promote and sustain this art form for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.

Our first production, published in the summer of 2000 in CD and audio cassette formats, is the album οι ξενιτεμένοι. Produced privately in the United States, it was originally released in 1987 and distributed in limited quantities. It is a passionate epic of the Greeks of the Diaspora and a magnificent representation of the musical and poetic Karpathian identity. As it has been out of circulation for quite some time, it is with pride, emotion and reverence that we release it again.

This production was digitally remastered from the original analog master tapes and it features a new cover design. The CD also contains a very informative 20 page booklet in both Greek and English. We hope you will enjoy it.

This website will be used to showcase, promote and distribute our musical productions. Furthermore, it will feature information on the cultural heritage of Karpathos and the work of Karpathian artists. Please visit our site from time to time to check out our new features and drop us a line via e-mail. We thank you for your interest in Apella Nota. We hope our efforts will earn your respect and continued support.

–Apella Nota